Hair Workshops for parents of Black and Biracial Black children

About Us

We offer small, intimate, non-judgmental workshops to teach parents how to care and style their child's natural hair, regardless of the texture.   


Chemical Free Hair Workshops for Parents & Kids.

Limited Chemical Free Hair Workshops for Teens.

We also offer personal hair shopping services.   

Our Workshops provide you with informative, healthy and non-chemical ways to maintain and care for your child's mane of beauty.

The Hair Truth

For Black, Biracial Black kids, the significance of hair cannot be underestimated - a source of either self-esteem or self-doubt. So parents make sure your child's hair is well coiffed. This is as much a priority as good nutrition.

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"I both laughed and cried during the workshop.  I really learned to love my daughter's wonderful hair. Now I no longer say, "different", "not regular", "hard to manage", when I'm taking about her hair."  Liz -  Ajax, Ontario

"The best part - my daughter loves getting me to do her hair now. Before she used to run and hide.  I used to brush her hair like I did my own Caucasian hair."   Rachel - Toronto, Ontario.

"I loved this informative and intimate workshop. It was non-judgmental and no questions were off limit." Richard - Oshawa, Ontario

"It was informative and now I do my child's hair with confidence.  I really enjoyed the Facilitator." Judith - Brampton, Ontario.


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